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Mograph Multishader to Extrude cubes

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I've been asked to recreate the effect seen here, as a way of displaying showreel videos.

http://www.jakemathew.com (It's the video 10, the cubes)


Here's my attempt so far:



In this example he uses the sound effector I think to drive the movement/extrude of the cubes.
I'm trying to achieve essentially the same thing but with the extrude of the cubes driven by a mograph shader effector.
Then I will use a multi shader texture to map the textures over the cubes.
My method seems a little flawed as I am using the shader effector to non-uniformly control the Y-Scaling on the cloned cubes. This gives two problems:
1 - The cubes scale in both directions - not from the base
2 - The cubes textures stretch over Y - which looks ugly.
Looking at his example the textures on his cubes seem to stretch the pixels of the cube edge. Whereas in my version the entire texture is stretched in Y.
This makes me think he used a different method to achieve the result.
Can anyone shed any light on how he achieved the effect? Or alternative ways to go about this? I've reached the limits of my (limited) C4D knowledge and would love to know how to get past that last 10% and get this finished.


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Solving the scaling issue is easy enough. Just make sure your cube is editable and then use the axis tool to move the cube's axis down in Y to one side of the cube. Then when you scale in Y you are scaling from that point and not the center. As far as your texture issue is concerned, he's just flat mapping the textures onto his cubes instead of using the default UV mapping. Try that.

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Thanks for the reply!


Never thought about simply changing the anchor point on a editable object. It's always the simple things!

I'm still having some issues with the 'flat' projection, I'm changing the material mapping to flat (the one on my cloner, set to multi shader) but it doesn't map the texture across all the cubes. Actually it apparently does something strange to the appearance of the geometry and some faces become invisible. Anyone got any clue where I'm going wrong?


Thanks again for solving the scaling issue though!

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