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AE Creative Cloud and Cineware

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Hi All,


Like many of you, I've recently transferred from CS6 to Creative Cloud. I do most of my work using a combination of C4D and After Effects so it was a pretty easy decision. So far I can't complain but now that I am nearing the completion of my first large scale project using CC I've encountered a problem that I was curious if anyone else ran into.

I'm using the Cineware Module to import animated 3D elements as a part of a music video. Once imported I drop them in a comp and set the Renderer to "Standard (Draft)" to save time while working. Ive done this in between 75-100 instances through out the video. Now the video is almost done and I'd like to render a full quality draft. The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to globally update the Cineware layers within the project (which are comp'd and pre-comp'd, used as Mattes etc) from "Standard (Draft)" to "Standard (Final)".


Did I miss a simple button? It definitely seems like this is a feature that should exist. Going back through all the comp / pre-comps and manually selecting the correct Renderer could take hours / days.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.




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