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Intro sequence

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Design: Maksimilijan Gečević
Animation: Drazen Zeljković
Additional animation: Tomislav Belačić
format: fullHD
year: 2013


Hello all,

here's the intro sequence I did few months ago,

after first meetings with clients, we made the concept and some of the first sketches,

after this result and a lots of work, client was not so satisfied, and wanted to make tons of changes, but we decided to upload this directors cu version of the sequence as we like it better


there was also more stuff to make, like make text layers witk some nice animations, some cleanup etc.


so I hope you like it, and feel free to leave the comment



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thanx I'm glad!


and the answer is yes and no,


some small work was done in ae but all other stuff in fusion, love it, and you can't compare ae's s.5D space with fusion's real 3D space

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Hi Drazen,


I think you've done a great job with this. I especially like the start where it lifts up from the house and you feel the depth being introduced - very slick and it really draws you into the animation.


My only, hopefully helpful, criticism, is that I would have sized and positioned the b&w photos with more variety. They scribble on and off but they all look quite similar and they're all a similar size. Would have been nice to have some very close up perhaps and make it less predictable.


But really, good work - it's obviously a style I've seen before but it's always nice to see it done well.

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Hello mooschool,


I'm a bit late on the answer, but I didn't see your comment earlier,


I really appreciate it! It's always great to hear a word, and for sure it's a very helpful one, thanx!


Would remember it on some other job,



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