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jean poole

A Guide to Quartz Composer - for animators + motion graphic artists..

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“There’s a lot of wonderful possibilities for real-time visual compositing with Quartz Composer. Most existing QC learning resources though, tend to emphasise the generative graphics capabilities of QC. For those with a post-production, animation, motion graphics or VJ background – QC’s composition potential can be difficult to unleash.”

Hoping to make the transition to Quartz Composer a bit easier for the above kinda folk - I’ve gone and made a page which documents how various animation + post production techniques and processes can be recreated inside QC…

(eg Composite multiple video sources, Image Masking, Pre-framing video into compositions, Working With Layers from Photoshop, Nesting + Pre-composing in AE, Inverse Kinematics, camera paths.. etc).

I’m planning to slowly add to this ‘Compositing with Quartz Composer‘ page over time.. with the hope that it’ll -

  • help non-programmers with video compositing ideas, adapt to QC more easily

help me wrap my head around QC better (the page features many questions…)

encourage more experimentation with visual composition effects in QC (alongside the current popularity of using QC to generate graphics)

Would love to hear from anyone with questions (about something that isn’t clear) – or suggestions ( how to clarify a concept better, or other animation concepts that could be included etc ).


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