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What is the current state of PS / AI / AE compatibility with Retina Display?

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Last I heard, PS and AI are officially supported.


That said, I've been using a retina MBP for the past year (with the 1920 x 1200 setting) and I've never been all that bothered by the very slight jaggies that you get at weird zoom ratios.


It's also possible to download a free program to set your display to the native 2880 x 1800. Images will be beautifully crisp, and you'll have all the screen real-estate you could ask for on a laptop. The only problem is that your eyes might start bleeding after a few hours.


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from the summary of what is coming next week in After Effects CC (12.1):





HiDPI content viewers for Retina displays on Mac computers

After Effects will now take advantage of a Retina display on a Mac computer to show each pixel of content in a viewer as a single pixel on the display. This affects the contents of the Footage panel, Layer panel, and Composition panel, including both your video content and some UI overlays and widgets within the content area.

Note that for a given piece of content to appear the same on a Retina/HiDPI display as on a non-HiDPI display, the zoom value for the former needs to be twice that of the latter, since the points are half the size. If you drag a panel from a Retina/HiDPI display to a non-HiDPI display, you’ll see the zoom value change, while the content occupies the same space on the screen.

This does not affects pointers, buttons, other panels, and various other aspects of the After Effects user interface. These are targeted at a later release, since HiDPI content viewers were deemed to be a higher priority.




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