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Motion Design Reel 2014

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I really dig it.


Good edit that held my attention and it was a breath of fresh air not listening to another electronic song.


Overall nice work.


I have to play devil's advocate, and I realize that this is coming directly from the perspective of our small niche community, but I feel you copied Binky's instruction on a reel intro a bit too literally. It's pretty much a 1:1 recreation of what he did with a bit more time put into the animation. I also realize that this is an unlucky coincidence, having looked at your previous reel's type, but even the typography is similar.


Like I said, I acknowledge this is a criticism coming from our very small community and recruiters and producers will likely not notice but I feel with Binky's tutorial being out there you will start to see this execution popping up more and more and it'll ultimately take away from your reel. Shiny spheres syndrome and all.


( I saw your tweet about wanting to use an 80s punk song for your reel. Last time I was cutting a reel I wanted so badly to use a Minor Threat song. Then I realized I work in advertising and and a huge dick for even thinking of sullying them my putting bullshit commercials overtop of them haha)

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yeah I think unlucky is the word, like you say my typography has been up there for a year already, if I'm being honest if anything that type of 2D sequence was my take on what I Love Dust have been doing for a couple of years with their fun logo transforms. I loved watching Binky's thing recently (and reading his posts for 5 years) but I can assure you the similarity here is coincidental.


I don't think I have to defend myself too strongly on this, a quick glance at my site from anyone should dispell any thoughts that I'm trying to ride anyone's coat tails or copy any given tutorial of the month. Alas, I agree that some people might share your thoughts but it's something I can live with. Just trying out some fun 2D photoshop animation...




(and yes, I thought exactly the same. How the hell could I put a Black Flag song over the top of a fucking MTV or bank logo? haha)

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I don't think it is a matter of defending the work at all.


Mainly how unfortunate coincidences can effect your image.


It is a logical scenario that a person with an untrained eyed could mistake some of Maxim Zhestkov's work as a GSG rip off. Little do they know he damn near invented the look and credit isn't given where credit is due due to an unfortunate coincidence (in his case chain of events)


The sole purpose of a reel is to create a first impression. I know your work and am a fan of it. I like the reel and even though I know it is just a coincidence what I am left with is the thought of Binky's tutorials.


It is unlikely that 70% of those that view it will have any idea what I am talking about but there is a good chance that 30% will and the possibility of that number rising as more people recreate this similar vibe.


Being the first and last thing you see it leaves a lasting impression.


We have very little time to make a good first impression and in the scenario of finding work It's rare that a recruiters or hirer up even finish a reel yet alone dig around on a site.


I personally dig the animation but in it's current form there is the risk, be it small, of losing that 30%. Coincidence or not.


But like I said before, I thoroughly enjoyed the reel and your work. This is just my 2 cents on something that stood out to me. In the future even if you did change the intro I would still keep the animation in just not as the intro.


(ill be cutting a 2014 soon and am hoping I can come across a song that stands out and isnt electronic. fingers crossed...)

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