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My 2014 Show Reel

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Nice update dude. Overall I think the reel works. My only suggestion would be is to refine the intro and outro title cards. Remove the space spot at :28 and the playing card symbols at :59.

A lot of your work is very approachable and clean. So to start off with the tv noise graphic to reveal your identity feels a bit out of place. Possibly incorporate a design around the neon green colour.

The space scene at :28, seems more like a filler piece than anything else. You definitely have a lot of stronger projects in there. And same applies for the playing card graphic symbols.

Hope this helps and keep it up.

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Here's my Top 3, Bottom 3 with understanding "bottom" does not mean bad necessarily, just not as much impact as the rest of the clips.


Before I list them there is one general area I'd try to improve aside from the static-vibe intro and outro (which I agree with what Neue Method said). Anyhow, there are maybe 3 or 4 clips that are a second or two, too short. It's like you start the animation and then cut to the next clip before we see a conclusive form take shape (example: Envato piece, Oblivion/Tron-like segment around 13 seconds, etc). I guess that's another way of saying there's a lot going on in those segments, and you take them away before there's any visual resonance. It's like I see it, it's gone and already I don't remember what I saw because it was so quick.



1. H.H. Gregg spot


2. Abstract segment at 1:03 (also feels a little short -- can't quite tell if there are words that start to show up at the end)


3. State Farm ident




1. "Consistently" text


2. Crystal Light


3. The "ticket morph" graphic right after Crystal Light



Final observation: I do like some of the "particle experiment" renders you've got in there, in the sense they provide some visual palette cleansing, but I'm not sure you need as many as you have, and that they're not somewhat bunched together towards the end. I'd go with your favorite 3 and space them out about evenly. As mentioned i liked the one at the very end, and also the spinning "blue yin-yang" thing, and the blue-dot-connector gizmos.

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