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Resources to learn texturing techniques

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Hi All,


I saw this video on reddit the other day




I'm looking to push my understanding of texturing and uv maps but I'm a complete beginner to that and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction to begin learning uv mapping and painting textures in c4d?


So far I've always used photoshop and applied textures with polygon selection but I really love the end result in this video and think it would be a good way to deepen my understanding of the whole process.


Thanks for any help!





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there are some very limited tutorials on this topic in c4d, i think its mainly because everyone uses external programs for uv mapping, since they save you a colossal amount of time.


My personal favorite is 3d coat. not only because of its unwraping, but because of its retopology tools and a whole bunch of other features.


as for texturing, you will find a lot more resources on painting textures for software like max or maya, but its pretty straight forward to translate the techniques. cinema4d has a very good manual.


i find tutorials about making game ready objects generally tend to be really good.

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