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Top 10 London based studios?

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I׳m doing some research about the design industry in London, specifically in the motion graphics field.

I׳m trying to come up with a list of the top 10 motion design studios in London.

i would love if you guys can help me and throw some names of your favorite London based studios, so we could gather here some top 10 list.


Let my start with a couple of my favorite:

  1. ManVsMachine
  2. Weareseventeen


any ideas :)?



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The Mill were really a VFX house until a few years ago, and their motion graphics reel isn't top-10 material IMO, a bit like MPC.


Need definition of "motion graphics" and "London"! We have great VFX places like those two, great animation/illustration leaning places like Art & Graft or Nexus, but you soon get into agency-places like Jelly and Th1ng who represent a roster of directors (who aren't necessarily based in the UK)


How about these? I hate lists but they spring to mind.





Art & Graft

Studio AKA



Are we including broadcast design and media branding? Eg. Lambie Nairn, Kemistry, Dixon Baxi?

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Thanks! Great studios indeed! We are defiantly including broadcast design and media branding, I guess every studio that has to do with design in motion or moving image should be included, less vfx though...

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