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I agree. Dope stuff. Obviously you're quite experienced and you'll have no trouble continuing to get work with this reel.


The music and footage are uncomfortably dissonant for a while, and only start to feel cohesive when the synth and percussion kick in around 0:40. Maybe you can slide this part of the song back so it starts earlier, or consider another track.


Your work is great, which makes it a shame to have a couple awkward moments in the beginning of the reel. It seems like the intro footage is getting freeze framed as it cross dissolves out, and there's another dissolve around 0:15 that does a weird pop.


A couple other things I think you could cut that either feel weird or not up to par with the quality of the rest of your work:

The playblast turntable of the Prius at 0:36

The super fast shots of a soldier and a crowd of soldiers from 0:55 to 0:56s

Stuttering frame rate at 1:06

Double exposure of guy staring and mexican flag

Marching soldiers at 1:10

Iron Man 3 at 1:30 (didn't you already show this at 0:47?)


Last thing I'd say is consider the over all priority of your shots. Your starting shot is cool, but the easily not the best shot in your reel, and the typography feels pretty slapped on. Why not blow everyone away by front loading your coolest stuff?

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Thanks for the comments guys and thank you for taking the time to dissect the piece. It was hard to get a hold of all the work, hence the shifting quality and skipping of frames. The IM3 piece was shown twice because I wanted to show the progression of the first version vs the last one that was released for the trailer, but I can see how that could be confusing.

Thanks again, you guys rock.

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