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Brushes in Photoshop

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Why is it that when choosing a watercolor brush or a paint stroke brush. it looks great if we click it once or twice to create a cool effect. But if we choose the brush and a paint with it... it seems as if its rubber stamped. Theres no way to use a paint brush and have it created like a natural brush would be so. Like painting a brush and have it done in a more natural way. I have tried going into settings and fooled around with the steps and spacing it provides. But it always turnes out in a very amature way like someone took a picture of a brush stroke and just made it dublicated it over again and it turns out looking extremely BAD. Is there anyway I can create brush strokes that look natural and Im not nessaraliy need this to be done using photshop. I am open to any program to achieve this result. I am almost at the point to set up a canvas and a digital camera and snap pictures one by one to achive an animated brush stroke efefct. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and you would think that there would be a method by now that would work. I work mostly in 2D but I do dable in 3D and would definetly learn if this method is avaiable in c4d. Please if anyone knows any work arounds or any ideas of how tocreate realistic animated brush strokes I would be so happy. I know this community can figure this out and if not knows a forum where one can. lets put out heads gether and work wtih out. I ve been wanted to make this for so long....so long that thsi style was in style came out of of style and now is back in style. Even thought it may be retroo. Its still an amazing style. Lwts do it people. LETS DO IT!... THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADNVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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