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Motion Reel 2014

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Hey Albert, you've got some good work in here! A first reel is usually a little bit awkward, if only because there's hardly ever enough work to fill a whole presentation. It's kind of like puberty. Some stuff looks great, but everyone ends up paying attention to what's sticking out instead. :D


Personally, I like the audio you've picked because it has a good energy and it's memorable, which does you a lot of favors. To make good use of that, however, you most likely need to be cutting your work to match that energy. But you're not doing that, probably because you don't have enough suitable material to pack in that densely. So the effect is that the audio is racing like an unstoppable party train while your imagery is frequently kind of sitting there not doing a whole lot, by comparison. And by that comparison, your work ends up feeling inadequate. The "lack of material" problem will naturally fix itself as you grow your portfolio, but you're looking to make a reel now. So you can adopt one of a few strategies, moving forward. The first is to pick audio that's more suited to the pace of your current editing tendencies, although I think you've made a good audio choice and I doubt that this is a compromise you need to make. The second is to experiment with editing tactics that will bring the visuals in line with the energy of the audio. Let them complement each other. Like, if you're gonna have punk rock vocals, you probably need punk rock movement. At 0:16 you're starting to pull this off pretty well for a couple of seconds, but the visuals and audio really need to play together through the whole piece. I think you could really take this reel from something a producer rams through to something that people really enjoy watching for its own sake.

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