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Video about composition

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Apart from some bits in Part 001, we haven't had much that's specific to time yet. I can see why, but eventually something about narrative or theory of editing might be good. Personally, I have a figurative and narrative (think comics type stuff) Fine Arts background, and I often find myself conceiving ideas that are based on one continuous shot or sequence. I just don't think in terms of cuts, which can limit my ideas for framing. To some extent it's just my taste, which I don't think is wrong, but it's something I'd like to improve on.


The varied reactions to these videos really makes you realise the width of the spectrum we are coming from. Motion graphics is such a sprawl, no wonder I still can't explain what I do in one sentence.

This is a great talk about this very thing. Its specific to narrative film making, but it can be applied here too.


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