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Geometry disappearing while rendering in Vray

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Hey guys,


I've got a bit of a problem in vray.

I'm rendering a scene with a sphere that's got a advanced shader and a displacement material.

I've set up my vray settings with GI + AO, colour mapping & environment. As well as my multipass settings.

And my C4D render settings using the post-effects in my multipass settings and zblur.


The problem is that when I render out my scene, my geometry disappears!!!


I've been able to isolate the fact that if I delete my displacement tags the geometry renders out correctly (but then the geometry looks naff)

And if I delete my post-effects/multipass in my C4D render settings it renders out correctly (but then I have no control in post)


Is there anyway to achieve both in vray?

Has anyone else had this problem?


C4Dr14 + vray




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