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Animating a group of sweep splines along 1 single spline

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Hey all,


Apologies as I'm sure this has been addressed many times, but i'm driving myself crazy here.


I need to basically recreate this sweep: https://www.behance.net/gallery/5920875/credit-news-press-tv


I started off by creating one spline and rectangle with a sweep. Then I decided to use a cloner and a random effector (to make a group of random sweeps).


When I try to animate all of these along a main spline, it doesn't work at all. After doing research I read about using a rail spline, but that doesn't seem to work either.


I obviously don't want not use the start and end growth because these will not be growing, but rather animating along the spline path.


I'll have the sweeps flying through an extruded text object and have the camera follow along.


Any advice is greatly appreciated,


thanks guys!




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Try this: Create a single, long, high resolution rectangular solid using a Cube primitive, and then use a mograph cloner and maybe a random effector to create a cluster of these rectangles. Then create your spline path that you want these shapes to follow. Place the cloner into a null object, and then drop a Spline Wrap deformer into the null. Drag your spline into the "spline" field of the Spline Wrap deformer, and your cluster of rectangular solids will now be following your spline path.

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