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Hyperlapse from Instagram (iPhone App)

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I have so many questions.....


Microsoft JUST announced their hyperlapse research project...


Did Instagram swoop in and buy / license the project? Why is it using the exact same name? Why is Instagram marketing taking complete ownership of the idea? The articles are quoting them as saying it was their R&D.


The article is saying that they are able to get around the computational (rendering) problems by using the phone's gyroscope, which makes sense.. But I'm still confused about how its the same name.


Its only available on iPhones - not Android. :-(



**It seems as though the MS version is a bit more complex. The instagram is basically just using the gyroscope to generate stabalization data so it can later blow up and crop the image, rather than MS's approach of patching images together, creating frames that didn't exist before.

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"Hyperlapse" is the new buzzword but I guess it's been around for a while:






But yeah, they're getting publicity from the MS research project. MS project does post processing with any camera footage & needs lots of computing time but the output is amazing. Hope they'll speed it up & make a web app or smartphone app.


BTW, I used this app & not too impressed. I expected more. Maybe it's better for some situations like being on a moving object. Their marketing video BEFORE shots are probably faked with added extra shaking.


Instagram's blog post today about the tech used: http://instagram-engineering.tumblr.com/post/95922900787/hyperlapse

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we have achieved singularity. soon all products will have the same name and same logo, and there will be zero confusion.


Microsoft iOS pie, here i come with my instadroid phone :D

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