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Team render r16

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Im not sure if i set something up incorrectly, but i am having an issue with team render r16, not creating jobs automatically when i move my project folder into my user folder in the repository path.


It is to my knowledge and to the help file that when i save my project file (along with textures) to the repository path, ( users / admin folder) that it would automicatlly add this job to the job list on the web interface (as well as make the necessary, job.ini, job.log files, and results folder)

Just like how it use to behave with netrender on r14 and prior.


Essentially that doesnt happen, and i am forced to use the web interface to create my jobs first, then upload the files. According to all the documentation i am reading however, this shouldnt be the case. Any ideas / help?

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TRS has turned out to be a real mess. I have personally had many issues with it.


Jobs not showing up when added to folder.

When jobs are started, they change status to "complete" before they've even rendered a single frame.

Render clients unreachable. Have to login remotely and restart them manually to get them to work.

Render clients keeping their status at "idle" and just not rendering at all.

Duplicate jobs being created in the web interface, that aren't really there in the folder structure.

Jobs rendering that have missing textures. No error thrown.

Horrible, horrible non-user friendly web interface.

No frame range listed.

Having to jump all over the place to get basic information.

I could go on... but what's the point? It should have never been released in this state.


Apparently some beta testers mentioned some of these issues, but they were ignored by the development team, or other issues took higher priority.


Really losing my faith in Maxon.

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Deadline is free to try out with up to two render nodes. I recommend it. It's quite great.

Yup I'm a fan of Deadline as well. If you contact sales I believe they can give you a 30 day trial with however many licenses you think you'd need. Helpful when doing a bigger test within your production pipeline.

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