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C4D R15 + Render Farm Problem

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Hello Guys,


It is being ages since I posted something and it is time to get back.

A have a problem with our render farm using C4D R15 and want to check if anyone ever saw this problem or how to sort it out.


We have 6 PC in the farm and we hackintosh them to use Mac OS 10.8.4

This 6 Computers are using Team Render R15 and they are connected to one switcher that connect to another 6 iMacs.


If I connect the 6 Farm computer and 1 iMac in a close network without internet the farm render all fine, but when I connect the Farm in the main network that has internet and send a render to the farm, it drops the connection. Sometimes all the 6 computer and sometimes just few.


I am trying to find what could cause the problem, if it is too heavy to the network or something else. But they render fine when not connect in the internet network.


Is anyone have any clue what could be or what to look for?


thanks a lot guys,




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