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New spot for music, ready for your next video

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Hello, fellow mographers!

Making videos every day, I have been faced with the challenge of using royalty free, stock music for almost ever video I've made. Whether it's a scoring element,

a gag to play up a joke, or simply just background noise to mask some audio edits, it's never fun to go through the same songs on the same few pages, and make do with what there is.

I would just make a song when I got home to prove that music doesn't have to be so dreadful, even if the subject matter isn't great.

I want people to enjoy the song as they edit to the same beat for a week straight. I want people to feel proud that they're using a song that won't show up a week later in their next project.

Most importantly, I want people not to feel like they're not getting ripped off on these tracks! These are pay what you want, starting at $0.

Granted, if you've got a little music budget on your project, please feel free to pay what you think is fair (on the client's dime, why not?).

If this isn't for some corporate explainer video, and you have the opportunity for credits, I would love if you could put my name and my site in!

This is the Music for Video Project: http://www.alexbraddock.com/music.html

Now, go ahead and enjoy! I'll be adding to this page as I make more and more, and if demand grows, maybe I'll even take requests? This project is just starting, and I will be adding more songs as time goes by. Ff you'd like to be involved, let me know! This does not have to be a one man operation

Thank you all!




P.s. If you get really inspired, feel free to send me some artwork, and I'll definitely use it on a song of your choice!

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Oh buddy that's awesome. I'm doing these tutorials/videos/whatevers and I might just have to put 'em on there and get the word out.

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