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c4d Hair woes

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I'm having trouble rendering hairs in a scene. I started with Feather objects for a bird in a project I'm creating. They weren't behaving well with the symmetry object I was using, so I converted them into Hair objects, which worked much better...In the viewport. They won't show up on render, and I can't figure out why.

I recreated the same hierarchy setup in a much simpler, (but similar) scene, and they rendered fine. I can't figure out the difference between the two scenes that's causing the hairs not to render.


I've included a (somewhat) stripped down version of the scene I'm trying to create. I realize the viewport is a little sluggish, as there's a lot going on it. If the feathers are not where they should be, turning off all parametric objects and turning back on snaps them into place pretty well. I also have been leaving it on frame 20, as there is animation before that kind of makes it hard to see what's going on. (I'm hoping it's not the animation that's causing the issue)


I've also included the simple version of the scene where it DOES work, in the hopes that somebody smarter and/or wiser can see the difference I'm missing to make my final project work.






Edit: In the render settings, you might see that I had the Hair selections set to Include, but that is not the source of the problem, even though it SHOULD be set to Exclude. That was just part of my troubleshootings.

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SOLVED - To keep my scene in Physical render, I had to rebuild the wing, rather than use Symmetry object. I tried Instancing it, and it did not work at render time (though it did fix the viewport issue)


In render settings, I turned on motion blur, and up'd my hair subdivisions. 10 minutes-a-frame later, all hairs are now rendering.

Bit of a trade-off, I don't recommend trying to make birds in the physical renderer.

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