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A Film that Will Never Get Made

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Hey guys!

Ramble incoming.

I work in mograph, that's my breadwinner. Recently, in my downtime, I've been doing concept art and storyboards for a science fiction film. I spent a lot of time when I was younger agonizing about wanting to be a big-shot director but the biggest problem I always had was lack of follow-through and more ideas than sense. Too many ideas.

So, in order to scratch that itch I decided to accept the fact that lots of my film ideas will never get made, and to just let them exist as ideas. I was really inspired by Judorowskys Dune - I mean, the man is a genius - but I felt so incredibly energized and inspired by these people just talking about how great their film could be. So I thought I'd do the same! Unfortunately, I'm not a genius, but I do love drawing, and I do love films, so I proudly present the first episode of a planned series :



So what'd you think?


Thanks for taking the time to read this by the way. I'm curious to hear from other professional mographers or film-makers what they think about this, where I can improve, whether it's too niche to have a broad appeal, etc. I was really torn between feeling that this is just a huge self-indulgent waste of time and that it's maybe funny and inspiring to other people.

Anyway, let me know what you think! You guys are always very helpful and insightful.

Gotta get back to department-store promos now. ;)

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Dude, this is super funny. I like it a lot. My favorite part of the whole thing is the dialogue you have going back and forth and the "voice acting" is actually really good, it seems authentic and I like how the one guy is super skeptical and dismissive. The back and forth of the "here's my great idea" and the "Whatever..." makes it fun. As a viewer I find myself identifying with both sides of the conversation as it plays out.


If you were to simplify the story just a bit, I get a little lost in the middle, I think that would keep the viewers interest a little more. Maybe giving yourself a TRT constraint would help?


I would definitely keep doing these, I could see it working as a web series or even playing in part of a short film festival. I just went to the SF International film festival and saw some selected shorts, this was hands down way more entertaining than at least 75% of what they were featuring.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback guys!

You're right, it's a little on the long side. I was still half believing in it while making the pitch, but next episode I'll definitely make it more ludicrous, and snappier!

It was a 'real' conversation, in a sense, the other guy had no previous knowledge of the film and I was pitching it at him with the physical drawings and a microphone in my hand. I had to cut out a lot of laughter, mostly. He's a skeptical guy by nature.

Valuable feedback you've given me mate, no one's really got time for lengthy explanations of half-baked stories, especially when it's mostly just rough storyboard art you're looking at.

Thanks for the support, I'm emboldened! :D

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