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MAXON Cinema4D NAB 2015 presenations

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- Barton Damer: Blending Impactful Motion Graphics with Live-Action
- EJ Hassenfratz, Eyedesyn: Workflow for Sports Motion Graphics
- EJ Hassenfratz, Eyedesyn: Adding C4D to your 2D Workflow with Sketch and Toon
- Robyn Haddow: Breakdown of FUI Shots for the Flash and Arrow
- Jeremy Cox: Designing WGN's Manhattan and SXSW Gaming Awards Ident
- Kevin Aguirre: How Cinema 4D Simplifies Complex VFX
- Kevin Aguirre: In the Zone with Cinema 4D's MoGraph Tools
- Julia Siemon: C4D/AE Workflow for Stunning Motion Graphics
- Michael Rosen: Project Breakdown of Titles for Microsoft's Modern Workplace
- Alan Demafiles: Animating Projections on Massive Structures with C4D
- Steven Messing: Hollywood Filmic Design Techniques with C4D and Octane
- Craig Whitaker: Projection Mapping and the C4D/NUKE Pipeline
- Mike Senften: Automating Complex Workflows with Python
- Colin Sebestyen: Python Coding for Motion Design
- Joel Dubin: X-Particles for Micro Medical Animation
- Nucleus Medical Media, Inc: Medical Storytelling: The Art of Cellular 3D Animation
- Casey Hupke: Creating Complex Animations with X-Particles
- Athanassios Pozantzis: A Virtual Apocalypse with C4D, Part 01: Skyscraper vs Aster
- Athanassios Pozantzis: A Virtual Apocalypse with C4D, Part 02: Planetary Explosion
- Chris Schmidt: Advanced Soft Body Dynamics Techniques
- Brett Morris, Capacity: Abstract Animation with Simple Deformations
- Brett Morris, Capacity: How to Defeat a 3-Week Deadline with C4D and Octane
- Nick Campbell: The Art of Lighting with Cinema 4D
- Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt: AskGSG Live

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