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CV-Object Management Tools Plugin now on Cineversity

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Hey Everyone,

We've just released a new set of workflow-enhancing Cinema 4D plugins from Donovan Keith called CV-OM. The "OM" in CV-OM stands for Object Management; which is the focus of this toolset. With CV-OM, you can save massive amounts of time working with large groups of objects as well as setting up Object Buffers.

CV-OM includes:
CV-Add to New Object Buffer: Quickly set up Object Buffer tags and render settings for selected objects.CV-Hide/Show Object Toggle: Takes your selected objects and deactivates their editor and renderer visibility. If a selected object is a generator, it will get turned off to speed up your scene calculation.
CV-Lock Object Toggle: Adds a protection tag to your object in a click.
CV-Toggle SDS Objects: Toggles on/off all subdivision surfaces in your scene.
CV-Randomize Object Colors: Randomizes the colors of either all objects or any selected objects. Helpful for when you want to easily see the different parts of an imported object and understand its geometry.
CV-Localize Material/Texture Tag: Takes a material that is applied to multiple objects and allows you easily customize it for an individual object.
CV-Texture Tag Toggle: Quickly disables and restores texture tags on your objects.
CV-Add Each to New Layer: Easily add many objects to a layer.
CV-Select Similar Objects: Selects any objects that are of the same type as the one initially selected.
CV-Select Parent: Selects the parents of the selected objects.
CV-Select Siblings: Selects the siblings of any selected objects.
CV-Select Cousins: Very useful for well-structured hierarchies. It selects all objects at the same depth as the object selected.
CV-Select Similar Tags: Selects all tags of the same type as the originally selected tag.
CV-Select Tags: Selects all of the tags applied to the selected object.
CV-Select Tag's Object: Selects the objects that selected tags are applied to.

You can download and install these tools with just a few clicks using CV-Toolbox.

Take a look at CV-Object Manager Tools (CV-OM) in action.

CV-OM is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members.

The Cineversity Team

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