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Pixels In Progress - Mograph To Mesh Tools

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to announce the release Pixels In Progress - Mograph To Mesh Tools, a new C4D plugin.

You can find it here: Pixels In Progress - Mograph To Mesh Tools

This development allows you to transfer the power of the Mograph module into a shader. ( Quite different from the Mograph colour shader )

Each polygon can be treaded as a clone but runs way faster than cloned geometry. The ploys don't need to be uniform and it also doesn't discriminate between quads and tris. No need for fractures or disconnecting meshes and also works happily with deformers.
The shader works by porting mograph matrix values into a shader bitmap. The matrix values can be controlled in any conventional way. The examples below show matrices mapped to the centre of each polygon so as effectors are used, the falloff is matched to the mesh.

This tool is designed to give you colour control per polygon on your meshes. There is an extended polygon group mode which allows you to colour groups of objects too. This method has a fairly significant speed increase compared to a cloned geometry setup. See details below:


How to use it:




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