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10 New Siggraph Presentations now Available

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Hey Everyone,


This week we posted 10 more archived Siggraph 2015 Cinema 4D presentations by top 3D professionals.

We've organized the videos in 3 themed playlists:


Character Rigging Techniques

Learn how to leverage the power of Cinema 4D's unique character tools


Creating a Character Rigging Pipeline in Cinema 4D by Bret Bays

Weighting Workflows for Cinema 4D Character Animation by Bret Bays



Particle Effects and Fluid Simulation

Discover how Cinema 4D enables powerful simulation and rendering workflows


Simulation and Render Workflows in Cinema 4D by Brandon Parvini

Optimizing Sketch and Toon Renders by Brandon Parvini

C4D with X-Particles and TurbulenceFD by Casey Hupke


Film Visual Effects

See how top Cinema 4D artists achieve outstanding visual effects


Cinema 4D VFX for Avengers: Age of Ultron & Need for Speed by Cantina Creative

VFX for Indie Films by Josh Johnson

Hellyfish VFX Breakdown in Cinema 4D by Patrick Longstreth

Previz to Final Shot with Cinema 4D and Octane by Eric Demeusy

Breakdown of "Two Worlds" Animated Short by Andy Lefton


We'll release several more tutorials - so stay tuned for more


Check them out as they get posted at: Siggraph 2015 Rewind


The Cineversity Team



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