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That's a pretty good reel, Kevin! It works!

A note that might be of value to you is that, as a viewer, I understand that something is happening in your intro... that there's some kind of narrative happening. A cause and effect relationship of some sort is being shown to me. So I assume that I'm being shown this for a reason, and that I should understand something about it when it's finished. But I don't. There's a wall built of small units, and a butterfly fairy is flying around and it goes into the wall, and as a result, the wall is powered up maybe? And then more butterflies fly into the wall, but instead this time it's a tunnel?


Abstraction is totally fine. Valuable, even. But you seem to use the first few seconds to establish a scene and to suggest some rules, and then you immediately break them, and as a viewer, I'm kind of left going "I don't know what i'm looking at, or why". If you're going to tell me a story, I'm with you while you lay the groundwork for that story. But if you lay groundwork, and then immediately contradict it and fail to pay that contradiction off, you lose my trust and then my interest shortly thereafter. So in this case, it seems like you either have to stick with the plan of conveying a narrative, however abstract it may be, or remove the intentional display of cause-effect storytelling and simply show us some lovely things. Personally, I tend toward providing beauty and meaning for the audience, because that's a more valuable and memorable experience for them, but it's your call.


Also, I'm not sure what this icon in the hexagon is supposed to be. Is it an off-center "13"? That's what I read, and I don't know what it means, or what it has to do with anything. You're treating it like a logo by using it as a watermark, but I don't get the relation of it to your name, artibite.


The work looks really good, and your edit is bringing disparate projects together in a way that feels like it means something. That's pretty great. The last shot before your end card is a little weird because it seems to imply a short pause before we get going again, but then the reel ends. Not a deal-breaker, although it does feel a little awkward. But overall, pretty great!

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Hey Binky
Sorry, my english isn't so well in writing.

Wow but your a critical fewer. That's nice to read that they still exist.
The idea is that the abstract butterfly fairy opens the world of color, design and movement.
The world of ARTIBITE. It doesn't really ends because I hope to make a lot more nice pieces.


But thanks for your comment, I will think about it when I'm going to make my next reel

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