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CV-Tokens now Available on Cineversity

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Hey Everyone,

We just released CV-Tokens, a workflow-enhancing plugin by Rick Barrett that can make it simple to keep renders organized and named consistently. CV-Tokens extends Cinema 4D R17's Token System to add new variables that you can include in your render file names.

These new tokens include:

$YYYY Date Year [4 digits]
$YY Date Year [2 digits]
$MM Date Month
$DD Date Day
$hh Date Hour
$mm Date Minute
$ss Date Second
$cvAuthor Project Author Name
$cvUsername OS Username
$cvComputer OS Computer Name
$cvRenderer Current Render Engine
$cvHeight Render Height (1080p, 720p etc)

CV-Tokens is exclusively available to Cineversity premium members through the CV-Toolbox.

Check it out: CV-Tokens

The Cineversity Team

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