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Workflow question: AE to FCP

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Hi guys,


I work in a relatively small TV station and I'm the only graphics guy. In general I design most of the graphics and pass the work onto the AV assistants who complete the day to day tasks, but they use FCP.


We want to change our bumpers but because I use AE and they use FCP we have some issues.


Mainly, they can't edit the AE project files in FCP, is there a way that I can export an XML file from AE and they can change the text info and media assets, and I can use that XML file to just render out the new files?


I remember seeing a script floating around a few years ago whereby you could open and edit an XML file, and then run an application that would use AE's renderer to render a file according to the XML?


Or would it just make more sense to try design in AE, do the text and media assets in Apple Motion and then they can edit the assets in FCP?


What is the standard workflow for TV stations in this aspect?


Any help / advice is greatly appreciated!



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Depends how complex your AE files are and what your bumper consists of. If you've got anything other than fades and cuts then I don't think an xml is going to carry enough data. You can export from AE to PR, then PR to XML. It barely works well going from Premiere to xml to FCP let alone from AE. This link will let you know what will transfer between FCP and PR: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/importing-xml-project-files-final.html


I'd probably just advise just to do the whole thing in AE, render it out and give the render the editors. If they want to add some simple text, you could leave it off in AE, give them a guide as to font, size, position etc and let them add it in FCP.

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