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5man - Cinema 4D rig ( white character)

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Hey guys!

Ok it's finally done. ( forgot to post here)

5Man – Milk man or just plain white 3d character that is often used to hold things in images on the internet.

This Cinema4D rig was carefully crafted from the finest polygons and joints that i found in the depths of various menus and button dropdowns. It was meticulously refined over the course of many months until it finally emerged from the platters of my hard drive to grace the interwebs for eternity.

But seriously, i spent a lot of time making this guy, look nice, feel nice and deform nice, so that you don’t have to.

Hope you enjoy using him as much as i enjoyed making him.

If you have any trouble or concerns or suggestions be sure to reach out to me :)


Oh yeah, and as a celebration of this being done ( it took me waaay too long) I want to offer you guys $30 off if you buy in the next week or so:)
Coupon code: mograph





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