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Remote viewer options

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Hi guys,


Wondering if anybody has any recommendations for remote working/viewing options.


I work a lot from home and even when I'm not working I'm often geeking out on Mograph stuff.

Problem is that's not too fun for my partner and I'm sure she'd like some breathing space.

I'm making a big push right now to get to the next level which can be hard with the distractions at home.

Plus happy wife, happy life right?


I'm lucky enough to be able to work late or at weekends from the studio I work for but my passion right now is learning X-Particles and Octane which they don't have. So I really would love to be able to remotely hook up my PC, to be operated and viewed through the imac at work.


Any ideas? It would be nice not to have to waste power when I'm not using the PC remotely and I need a solution that is preferably free (or v.cheap!) and not laggy/overly compressed. Also bonus points for not needing to get too techy - I'm ok on the mac side and love my PC but not so good under the hood!


Appreciate any insight :)



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I'm a heavy user of teamviewer - but its definitely not an ideal to work for anything requiring realtime or color accuracy. RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) is pretty nice, but has similar issues.


There are companies like http://www.teradici.com/that has hardware to stream a workstation from a server room to the desk, but that requires a dedicated ethernet cable (uses a different protocol over ethernet). Its expensive.. and I'm sure the experience is similar to that of Teamviewer when going outside of the local network.

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Thanks guys,


I tried Team Viewer but despite a solid speed/connection. It's just too laggy to use. A shame as I'd love to use Octane at work for client and personal projects.


One day perhaps...or Apple will release something decent.

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