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C4D Plugin || Viewport Switch - Control everything with a single shortcut

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Today we are happy to release our latest C4D plugin, the Viewport Switch. This tool enables you to turn on/off settings inside C4D with a single button or shortcut. This way you can focus on your project without experiencing stuttering navigation or slow playback speeds, and without having to open the menus to change certain settings.

These are some of the function of the Viewport Switch:

- Turn off all objects (for example, turn off all Subdivision Surfaces)

- Change display mode, level of detail and anti-aliasing

- Layer manager (quickly turn off layers completely)

- Proxy tab (switch between two objects)

- View options (for example turn off all textures in your scene)

- Shortcut (control everything with a single shortcut)

Check out the video below to see how it works!





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