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Zync (Google Cloud Render) - C4D/Maya/Houdini/Nuke

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FYI for those interested in Cloud rendering, I've been playing around with Zync which is owned by Google and uses their Cloud VMs. Did some successful tests and think it has some potential for the future. https://www.zyncrender.com/


Pros: Uses Google Cloud VMs so guessing the prices are pretty competitive over the long run. Handles all the VM instances for you as well as the render licensing are build into the costs (see their price chart). Can use Preemptible nodes to save money and you have the flexibility to choose whatever size/power nodes are needed for the job. Setup took a little bit of time but was still waaay more straight forward than imaging your own VMs via the Google Cloud Console. Automatic upload/download of scene files/textures/rendered files is super helpful.


Cons: For some reason my Test C4D scene took a long time for the VM to spin up and actually start rendering. Scene was just a cube and camera but didn't actually render until like 10 minutes later. Not a big deal if your scene is heavy but for simple/small jobs probably isn't worth the launch times. The Nuke test job was much quicker so maybe it's a bug w/ C4D or just a fluke w/ my job. They seem to also be adding more and more renderers over time but if you're using custom Plugins (X-Particles, TurbFD, etc) it won't render as far as I know. Can render regular Houdini job but can't do Houdini Indie jobs.


So for those feeling adventurous and have some setup time:

First you need to link/sign up your regular gmail to Google Cloud Platform. A few months back I got some free trial credits for $800 of rendering ($500 promo code, google it and try to find one online + $300 standard trial amount.)



After getting accustomed to how the Cloud Console works, install both the Client App and Plugins


follow the tutorials to authorize the App with your Google Cloud account.




Maya, Houdini, and Nuke all installed fine but as of plugin build ZYNC_Plugin_Installer_osx_v1.2.5 my C4D plugin didn't get put in the correct place. Maybe they will fix in future bug fix, but I had to go into /Users/Username/Library/zync/zync-c4d and follow the directions in the text file README.md (Copy folder into C4D plugins folder, rename the config_c4d.py, change API path to the FULL zync-python directory which includes the Library directory so /Users/Username/Library/Library/zync/zync-python

After doing all that, got my Test C4D file to submit and render properly.


Hope that helps somebody.






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