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Tablets and Apps to integrate into MoGraph

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I'm looking to buy a new mobile tablet to be able to take with me on the go, but I want to make sure it's compatible for motion graphics (saving out vector files and the likes). I recently came across this guy on IG, rockyroark. He does some awesome illustration work on his iPad pro, but he uses astropad. I have a PC and I'm more of a samsung fan. Not a huge fan of Apple. Is there a similar app on samsung/google play? And I know the Samsung's use Wacom technology so I assumed those would be solid, especially if I pick up the Bamboo pen. I was looking a the Galaxy Tab S3. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on illustrating with Samsung or Androids and integrating them into mograph? Thanks!

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if you're feeling adventurous http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_590393.html


has win10 on it. 128gb ssd, micro sd expansion.


Search around, im pretty sure it uses wacom for the pen technology. the cube i7 did.


[edit]: ah yeah, you can see in the description photos that its wacom.

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