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Hi -I've opened a project in a pc from mac and the viewport is scaled in about 50%.


Its affecting the camera render.


simple I know, is there a button to reset viewport - frame all...




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I'm not 100% sure what you are referring to without seeing the scene but if it's because the perspective camera has moved then in the viewport itself > viewport menu > View > Frame All should do that.


If you have a camera in the scene, make sure that camera is active and that the perspective viewport is set to "Use as Render View" (located in that same menu)


In the render settings dialogue, under "output", make sure "render region" is turned off.


There are a number of other possibilities but it's hard to tell from your description.


If the camera focal length has been changed then:

If this is a camera object then selected in the object manager > goto the attribute manager > object tab > adjust the focal length

if it's the default perspective camera:

with nothing selected goto the attribute manager and change the mode to "camera" > object tab > adjust the focal length


You can also use the command "Camera Zoom Out" - I'm not sure of a default shortcut for this one but you can access it from commander (Shift + C) or find it in the Customize Commands dialogue.

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Was on a project and it got kinda hectic, so hence my panicked post.


But I think it had something to do with changing the camera lens and focal distance.



Also I was working using dynamic splines in cinema - which I'll never use again. just slowed the system down to a crawl.


Also tried using the shadow catcher on transparency - 2hr a frame renders.



So its all a learning curve!



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