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So having a problem creating a basket ball net simulation. I am getting two extremes in that either the ball goes through the net and breaks the simulation or does not go through it at all and bounces out. I have two links to videos showing the problem. I feel like I am just missing one button somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

With cloth only: 

With cloth and collider:


Object Panel:



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A couple of things... your net mesh does not represent the proper shape of a basketball net. While this is not your primary problem... the shapes of things have a pretty heavy impact on motion and it's better to fix that prior to solving dynamics.

It's not terribly easy to troubleshoot a screenshot of the object manager without seeing the attributes of each tag, but my guess is that your first setup is *more correct*... with the exception of sub-sampling (found in the expert tab of the cloth tag). If you find your cloth stretching too much or you're working with fast animation you will want to to bump that value up to improve the accuracy of the collisions.

But then of course, there's my real answer, which is that I would do this with a softbody instead of cloth. Softbodies can sometimes be a better, more stable solution for cloth sims that have a relatively low poly count like this. Examples included.




p.s. Should probably also mention... you may notice my basketballs pass through the net in my examples. That's because I was taking a bit of a workflow shortcut by putting the mesh in an atom array generator. If you turn the generator off you'll see the collisions work properly. You can then cache the dynamics tags and then turn the atom array back on.

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