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Freelance motion reel 2018

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Hi, tedavis!

I am also new on here, and I thought I would start by looking around and trying to engage in the conversation going on here :) I have to say that this reel has a huge load of interesting work! 

I am not an expert in showreels myself, so keep in mind that my comments this might only be a matter of taste. 

The intro is really making me curious, and its simplicity is holding my attention. But as the reel starts, I got kind of lost because I didn't know where to look, and everything is passing by so fast. The compositions themselves are great, but they are pretty varying, and my eyes get pulled all over the place. But at point 0:15 you slow down, and I get to actually take in all the beauty of your frames. I wish this was the pace you started your reel with, and perhaps even slower. It would make me more curious, and anticipating 'the drop' of the music, when things would start to get more fast-paced and energetic.This would give it more of a build-up, with a beginning, middle and ending.  I would also recommend to cut together frames of similar compositions when the pace is really high, so that the viewer can rest its eyes in one place while the imagery shifts.

Other than that I love the order in which you have put your work. They compliment each other while keeping contrast, and make the transitions almost fluid, using color, value and composition. 

Based on your reel I can see that you're an experienced motion designer, and your style is quite varied; which is a good thing when working with clients! 

Wishing you the best of luck with your awesome work and reel!

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