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If animation programs were people.

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I was just talking about how lucky I was to start with Cinema 4d instead of Maya.  I love Maya now that I get nodes,  but I was making stuff in Cinema about an hour after installing it.

To me Cinema is like having hippy parents.  The basic stuff is so easy and nice but  it doesn't force you into correct habits if you don't feel like it.  For example, the interface is so perfect, so why use keyboard shortcuts?

Maya is like a German Engineer.  (Zer ahre prozeedures...)

Zbrush is like having an insane girlfriend that's amazing in bed but makes your life miserable the rest of the time.

3d Coat is, I don't know who 3d Coat is but whoever it is, he or she is plucky.

Mudbox is a kindergarten teacher.  Have no idea why.

Agree?  Disagree?  I just downloaded the trial of Marvelous Designer.  Anyone want to anthropomorphize that.  (Wow, spelled that right on the first try.)





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