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Motion Graphics Principles

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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum and somewhat new to motion graphics. I have mainly been a print/web designer the last several years and I've been
currently learning Premiere and After Effects. I wondered if anyone could share resources on the  fundamental principles of motion design in the 
form of books, sites, tutorials, cheap/free online courses etc. I can't afford to return to school full-time so I'm hoping to train myself on 
this topic. Also, I know Lynda.com is decent for software knowledge but I'm curious if there are other resources out there of good quality
for After Effects and Cinema 4D? Thank you for reading.

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@mo_mograph1 there are plenty of places to learn. Go to a bookstore to start (assuming there's one still open!). Check out anything you can find on the principles and fundamentals. Take some screen grab videos of animation that you like, and break it down and study the speed, timing and design.


Some youtube channels:



EJ's stuff - a bit intermediate but still some of the best of course:


Check out Carey Smith's (free and/or paid) lessons:


Probably worth checking out the archives of Andrew Kramer for VFX and motion graphics:


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