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Real question, can you model a commercial product and sell it on turbo squid?

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Interesting topic on brograph slack, here is summary:

-Real question, can you model a commercial product and sell it on turbo squid? Like that feels illegal. Or would you just have to make it similar but not exact? #notalawyer

-well things like a bmw car or nike shoe comes with a disclaimer "editorial use only"

which basically covers the turbosquid uploader if you get pwned by the company

commercial products depend on the company, some are fine with it, some are not.
john deer for example are notoriously litigious, like they go after everyone who makes a green tractor with yellow wheels. and i mean EVERYONE!
like they have people googling the word "tractor" all day i think



Editorial Use is a publishing term based on the Fair Use exception of copyright law where copyrighted work can be used without authorization for purposes of news reporting, criticism, education, etc. ... "The Editorial Use Only license means that the image cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes." -turbosquid


its leaning on stock photography laws.

for example... you could have a photo of a celebrity smashing an apple product because it was a news event being reported. the paparazzi who got it gets paid by the publisher. But... Microsoft couldn't also license the photo, slap some copy on it, and then turn it into an ad
its not about where it comes from. Its how its used

by saying "for editorial use" the onus is put on the person paying for it
...even if the creater makes mint


But seriously, check out other 3d model market places, like cgtrader, flipped normals and stuff. Turbosquid, takes more than half the profits from the authors.. its a bit of a racket.. 
also google authors name, sometimes they sell the same thing through their personal website for cheaper. 


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