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A Student's Quick Mographs

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So I've created four mographs so far, I intend on making a series of quick things with the goal of getting used to the mechanics of rigging characters and just allow myself to experiment and play more.

The flamingo mograph I looked at how to work with water in animations as well as the shading styles. I was also aware of the graphic design aspect of it.

The odd 'death deer creature' is just a play on creating strange fictional characters (plus I've been aching to make something with antlers and a globe), i used the noise shading again because i had SO MUCH fun with it, but i also added some photoshop textures in the back. In the deer's behavior i looked at how i can communicate an easily startled, cautious creature who then calms down realising there is no threat.

The Giraffe was an experiment of an effect I've been using a lot lately and I was simply curious to see what it would look like to have some kind of effect over a moving character.

The fish was simply my first attempt at cell animation.


I'd love some feedback as the main goal of this series is just to improve on something with each mograph, I'm also open to suggestions. :)

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