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Working in America

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Just thinking about it lately, does anyone know thats involve in getting visa for states to work in motion graphic?


I work in London currently, freelance.


thought it might be a change of scene.



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pain in the ass. 0-1 visa is the best option if you can swing it. Need like publications in magazines, or something official looking.sounding and a bunch of other stuff. 

Otherwise you are most likely looking at getting an H-1, which you need a full time job sponsor for, and there is a limit per year of h1's so its a bit of a luck thing.

If by chance you are australian, you have an E-3 visa, which is like the h-1, but there is a bunch more of them. 

In all these visa's you need to have a degree, or like 10 years of demonstratable work experience. 


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