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A simple camera movement question.

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4 hours ago, Zselter said:

 How can I achieve the simple camera movement at 0:21? 

Looks like a simple ease in/ease out to me. Have you tried the curve editor? You can also attach a camera to a null and overshoot the keyframes to add more drift.

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  So if I just move up the text, it gives the illusion that it's falling more, but I don't get how the pile of balls appear like that, it's like the camera is following one ball and there is like a frame where it's only that particular ball. Could you explain like all the steps on how you would do this, because I got really confused and I feel like it's something very simple . Thanks again! 

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Here's my advice. Do a video screen capture, and put it inside a comp in After Effects. Scale it down, and try to recreate it - just for learning purposes. Go frame by frame to see how they achieved the movement.

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I don't think you need to get into cameras at all.
It seems like the trick is really to parent different items to nulls.

So the first piece of text is keyframed to slide off top of screen.

The second text and most of the balls are parented to a null that is far below frame.

Those balls drop down, while the null is animated to slide up into frame.

The main ball is just there, not parented to anything.
Or it is parented to its own null, and perhaps the other nulls are also tied to that same one.

I think you just need to play around with organizing those controls to do what you want.
It will probably take some back and forth and experimentation to get the placement of those nulls correct.

Sometimes working backwards is a helpful technique if you're having trouble envisioning things.

Now that I'm looking again, more closely, it does seem like the layer of the main ball does become attached to that 2nd null at some point.
So you would split your layer into two layers at a point in the timeline, and change the parent layer.
With a few keyframes on the first layer, you can animate it down to where you want it to meet that 2nd null.

Does that make sense?
Its hard to translate some of these techniques into words.

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