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Help Describe Motion Graphics Styles to the Uninitiated

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I've been challenged with educating some of my team-members who are not too experienced in video production, animation and motion graphics.

One of the things I'm trying to do, in addition to teaching some of the technical terms, is to bring them up to date with current trends and styles.
But describing some of these styles with words is difficult.

Does anybody have any terms they can share when talking about the types of animation we're seeing at 0:05 here?
(This mosaic of boxes that each encompass different scenes/actions)


Or this style by Oddfellows, where you have things that are somewhat not totally abstracted, but the environment is kinda minimalized and boxes are again used to highlight different actions?


If you have any other relevant terms for styles or trends, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't think there's really a specific jargon that's needed, you do a pretty good job explaining it in your post. Mosaic, minimal, somewhat abstract. Maybe calling it illustrative, character driven, playful, bright, vector, explainer, 2d? Words only take you so far though. I find it's more helpful to share specific reference or point to some popular culture that everyone gets like the Iron Man titles, the intro to catch me if you can, pixar style, south park style. It's also ok to share a studio or designers work as reference and say in the style of X. 

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Thanks.  I tend to agree, but I'm trying really hard to simplify these concepts as much as possible and give them names, because people in my office don't always get those cultural references like "South Park style".

So, I'm developing a bit of a reference guide so they can pick out a style that will work well for their project.

I did hear someone call this mosaic-y trend a "Quilt" on an Adobe live stream, which really seems to fit well.

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