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Guest lowtech

Played Out Effects

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Guest igorschmigor

I still like it. Most good fonts get used a few million times.


And i like what Exopolidiot (our member from Exopolis) said about a similar thread regarding creativity in motion graphics (http://www.mograph.net/board/viewtopic.php?t=192):


I started to read the last one, I think Brien had brought it to my attention but I couldn't get through it. The concerns that those conversations put in my head generally aren't good for my obsessive brain. I've had to pretty much detach myself from conversations like that on the web. Just figured that after the first few messages that threat had nothing more to do with us than our reel being the trigger to a conversation I've had and seen a thousand times.


It's a great thread to have, but I've exhausted myself on that topic in the past. I work much better when I'm not concerning myself with trying to out do the next guy over creatively.


I honestly spent years trying to involve myself more with the online design community through past projects of mine like www.burntgraphix.com (which hasn't been updated in years) and www.queerda.com (which doesn't really have much work on it) and it's all just a bit tiring to me at this point. I love that these places exist and grow I just don't get to involved.


Anyway, I've rambled on long enough here, probably making no sense, I NEED my coffee.. haha


Like unsub1 said, this thread is a little negative, so let's forget about it.

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