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Guest cgmafia

chroma keying tut uploaded

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Guest juicysauce

I haven't been able to see the video yet, but I already have a few suggestions:


1. Find a real webhost. Downloading from rapidshare feels a bit sketchy. I only find myself there when I can't find what I want via bittorrent.

2. Nesting rar's is a bit cumbersome, and it makes me feel like I'm opening a crack for commercial software. One rar should do the trick.

3. Choose a video codec that large audiences can play. I haven't tried viewing your vids on my windows box, but I couldn't get video support on my mac. Like it or not, a crapload of us mographers are on macs.


I look forward to seeing these videos. I know next to nothing about keying. :)

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Guest mofresh

Hey cheers for uploading the stuff. was keen to see it but like juicy said, mac users can't


I was able to download the first rar and un-rar it, but could only get the first and last movies, the part2 rar wouldnt work. then i couldnt watch the movies anyways!


It would be cool if you could try uploading it again sometime, as i & others are keen to see it!



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