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***URGENT*** AFX 3D Nesting

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I'm having some errors with collapsed comps in Afx.


I created a 3D box using Afx's 3D function... using the rotation functions I created a 3D top, bottom, front, back and two sides using 2D layers.


I then brought this composition COMP1 into a second comp and added various other elements. I collapsed COMP1 so that I could rotate the box as a 3D layer. All seemed fine. I then brought this second comp COMP2 into a third compostion COMP3 and collaped same. In this compostion I used a null layer to rotate and move the second comp, thus avoiding too many complex camera keyframes.


When I render out the project in full res the boxes start to flicker every so often. A side will disappear, a a front will go awol for a frame or two. After further investigation it seems the problem is in COMP1. When I rotate the box it flickers in full res. I have used this technique for 3D boxes before and it worked ok.


Has anyone any clue how I could fix this? I need to have this finished by 5pm and the word boll*xed comes to mind.


Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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look at your box sides very carefully to make sure none of them are intersecting.


also, maybe your null in comp3 sounds redundant. you should be able to move the box in comp2 directly.


granted, i can't see what you're trying to do from here, so these are just wild-assed guesses.



good luck.



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