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My useless opinion:


The Reel. I'm not a designer, just a lowly observer. But if there was such thing as a "Simple Idea done well", your's felt on the other side of the fence from that. What I mean is, I watch your work and think wow, that probably was a very technical challenge that took a ton of man hours to do. But it doesn't make up for the fact that it was at the expense of the things Binky brilliantly phrased (design, communication, etc). It seemed that you (possibly subconsciously) were trying to impress your technical colleagues rather than selflessly create design pieces for the viewer. The way that many indie rock bands get caught up in badass, technical guitar riffs that would make their guitar friends jealous while the audience falls asleep from boredom. Or the way many bad indie films have no point because the script was barely considered, they just wanted to "Get started shooting" and the result was a LOT of work, but still lacked a reason for being.


Client Logos

I can't agree more about avoiding the "Big names". Simply because NOBODY who views this will honestly be duped into thinking it was actually for that brand. So all you are doing is setting yourself up for failure by showing your work in context to greatness. It's like buying a new acura and and parking it next to an Enzo and trying to impress your girlfriend. A) she'll know the Enzo is not yours, and B) Being in the Enzo's presence just made your Acura meaningless. So just do the work you can and not try to "Fake upsell" the work with a facade.

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I strongly disagree with Daddy Omega. The use of Comic Sans is strictly forbidden.






Okay, you have me there. That and "Chicago" threaten to destroy all mankinds attempts at goodness and light!



I quietly repeat this mantra three times before I sleep.


Oh man, I'm creating monsters...... :P



shit. i wish i had gotten this much feedback when i posted my first whack reel! mograph you are a changin'...


daddy omega you are fucking hilarious!


Muuuuuchos Grassy-ass ;)



:lol: LOL - you're gonna be a rule breaker all right.


It's more of a skillful disection really, you see, you start with four small razors, find a rule that's just about to drop from the tree and THWACKKKK!!!..... apple pie ala resistánce!!!! :unsure:

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