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2012 Show Reel

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:29 PM

heres a direct link if it doesn't show up below


#2 Carey


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Posted 23 February 2012 - 08:25 AM

Hey Matthew,

I think you've got some good moments in here, but there are inconsistent issues kind of spread out over the length of the thing. In some spots, the edit is suffering from the Linger-Beyond-Its-Welcome syndrome. Your reel calls for cutting on the action, not on the pause. Plenty of drawn out reveals and edits at the wrong moments. A lot of the cuts just feel really random. This goes for your forced transitions between unrelated projects. Most projects just don't belong together. Part of your job here is to figure out which unrelated projects can be cut together and not feel totally inappropriate, jarring, or silly.

In other spots, you're showcasing work that is below your skill level. Be ambitious. Carve yourself a reel that shows what you'll be doing in the future, not one that highlights your fumbles. I think you know what I'm talking about here. Traffic Dojo? Dynamic High Impact? New Perspectives? Really Matthew? Let's see your best, not your worst, second worst, or even fifteenth worst. You know that's not the end of the list of things you need to kill with fire and launch the ashes into space. :D

It's fine if you want to bill yourself as an AE/C4D guy. You don't have to be on the editorial side, design team, compositing, or any other specialty, but when you go to market yourself, you're a million times better off if you can showcase a reel that utilizes those crafts at least moderately well. Your reel is a work of short filmmaking, or visual communication that relies on design, editing, etc. just as much as anything else to convey what it needs to. When it fails on those levels, it fails to communicate your actual skills as well as it should. That's when you get a situation at some studio where a producer is looking for someone, sees your reel, has to call over a design guy to look at it, who goes "eeeh... not a great reel", to which the producer now has to stage a defense like "oh, i'm just trying to find someone to do X". Now you've got two people trying to decipher whether they should gamble on a guy whose skills are in question. Or you've got a potential direct client out there looking for someone, they see your reel and think "presentation didn't wow me", and the only subsequent shot you have at it is "well, maybe he's cheap". The first is laden with skepticism, and the second with the expectation that your rates are gonna be low. Neither of these is where you want to start out.

So you've done all of this work and you need to showcase it. Don't think that the showcase deserves any less attention to detail than anything else you do. It might actually need more. Give it some real intention. Give it some heart. And maybe give it a track that's more unique to you and not everyone within earshot of a radio.

Start by looking at great reels. Not the reels of your peers. The reels of the masters. The ones that seem to exist in a realm far from yours. Figure them out, bit by bit. Emulate them, if it helps you figure out why they're good.

Also, I ate Chipotle for some reason. Now I have gas. Don't be like me. Important to note.

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