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Realflow \\ Cinema4D experiment

realflow c4d cinema4d

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#1 madmonk



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 01:59 AM

Howdy folks!

I've been messing around with Realflow in the last few weeks. Nothing special, but I'm kinda proud of where my efforts are leading, in a way...

Do I have to be worried about having used a famous logo/brand? It could go under the "spec work" category, right?

Ok, I'm learning so I know by myself this is not perfect or spectacular but I'd like some good criticism from you fellas. Draw your swords :D



#2 C.Smith


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 03:12 AM

Pretty neat. If'n it was me I would do away with the starfield and so much sparklies and diffusion. It feels a little like a corporate logo on an 80's VHS tape. If that's intentional in a kitschy way, then so be it. But it seems like a cool test thing with too much cheese on top of it that's not needed.

I wouldn't worry about using corporate stuff for tests/spec. You aren't making money on it and your spec is not disturbing Bacardi's business in the slightest. Conversely, if you TRIED to get Barcardi to sue you, it would be extremely difficult for them to even be roused enough to bother so have at it I says,
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#3 Carey


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:24 AM

Now, you know this, of course, but in your excitement you're losing sight of your real goal. Don't waste your time fancying-up a half assed low-concept technical trial run. I mean, DO, if that's entertaining to you. By all means. But don't expect that that will turn it into something that anyone will care about. This is the result of your learning to wield a tool. What you've done is figured out how to crudely drive a railroad spike into a chunk of wood. That's great, and congrats. But waxing the spike and polishing the wood doesn't make it into anything more valuable or intriguing. However, if you now take your take your spike-driving skill and build a railroad...

Put this down. No more lens flares or starfields or sound design. Know what this is. It's not gonna be a railroad. Go build a railroad. You'll love how suddenly you've done something with purpose and everyone's excited about it. Put this down and make something that moves people. Realflow doesn't move people any more than a hammer does. But if you give people something unbelievably beautiful, or that made them laugh, or tugged at their tear ducts, or made them intensely curious, well then you can really feel satisfied.

#4 vozzz


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 11:03 AM

yes, what binky said.

in my country there is a saying: "you can put a tuxedo on a goat, but... still a goat"

that being said, you should play with the morping into the logo. right now they just all morph into the logo at once. maybe use some daemons, to slow some of them down, or make them take a different path, so it's not just a straight morph.

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#5 madmonk



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 12:07 PM

Thank you guys :)

@C.Smith I wish I thought about making it 80s like! :D I just lost control of my hand here...love your tools Chris! Thanks.

@Binky thank you very much, you definetly "nailed" the point! My goal was to learn some tools but in the process I forgot the great plan. Still this is good for my self confidence, even though it's cheesy. Now I'm motivated to make a little interesting piece next time, thanks man, I appreciated.

@vozzz from the technical side, I used a bunch of daemons here, for the first time. Infact I realized how the hard part of Realflow is the actual fluid "sculpting",as I spent a bunch of time trying to make the fluid behave as I wanted. Probably in this case I should have even added another fluid emitter on top just for some extra splashes. Man, Realflow is time consuming! Thanks dude for the hints!

(Ok, no more starglow on top of everything, goats are prettier their own natural way :D)

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