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Problems going from Premiere To after effects, headaches

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Posted 22 April 2013 - 06:43 PM

On a mission to get a platform agnostic workflow going, trying to get away from our old workflow of FCP editing into AE for final color correction and effects.


So on a current project we edited with premiere but then transferring to after effects was problematic.


When we export an XML from FCP and import with automatic duck pretty much everything transfers over with no issues.


Now from Premiere to After effects we lose any text layers, and none of the audio crossfades work.


This is a very simple edit so it's no big deal to go in and fix manually but just worried about more gotchas on complex projects down the road. Is there a list somewhere of what does and doesn't transfer between the two programs?


Seems really weird that something as basic as an audio crossfade transfers between FCP and AE seamlessly but not between AE and Premiere.


We tried many methods to transfer dynamic link, xml, plain old copy paste.


For some reason the XML export didn't seem to work at all between Premiere and AE which is kind of worrying since this for me is like insurance if dynamic link gets wonky..


So I guess my question is am I doing something wrong what is the most rock solid way to get a project from Premierre to AE and keep everything from the edit?

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